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Fargo Force… After the game.

The Force had a tough game against the Division leader Lincoln Stars last night at Scheels Arena. Losing in the end 5-3 on and empty netter by Lincoln.

Anyways back to the photography aspect of things… I wanted to share a couple experiences I had while photographing the game. As some of the players and fans have already asked the question, “that was a close one huh?” They would be referring to a hit by Justin Wade #13 for the Fargo Force into Brent Tate #13 of the Lincoln Stars where Tate was checked into the space I shoot from in between the benches.

I did take a blade of a stick to the front of the lens but thankfully enough I keep a filter on the front of the lens and that protected the actual glass of the lens. Left a tape mark, cleaned it off and continued shooting. One of those things that you have to keep an eye on.



I got some great “stop action” shots of the puck in the glove of our goalie Zane Gothberg (@ZanoInsano_29). Achieving shots like this requires a faster shutter speed so the puck doesn’t blur along with the player. 







Here is a close call for Colton Hargrove #7 (@c_hargrove7) as the puck ends up hitting his stick, thanks for the action shot Hargrove!

Another big draw for fans is that the USHL does allow fighting. There was a fight yesterday and you can feel the energy in the arena lift to another level when the gloves hit the ice!


You can’t forget another great moment in Hockey… the “Celly”! Its the celebration of the player who just scores a goal! There are many different types of it, here is Gabe Guertler  #8 (@gabethebabe33) of the Fargo Force after he scored his goal.


No games this weekend because the Force have away games. Good luck to them and relax time for me…maybe.





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