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Rumble on the Red

It was a short day of work at Vanity today. I had to get some editing done and then off to the FargoDome for the Rumble On The Red!

Click HERE for more information on what the event is and how to participate if interested.

In short its one of the largest high school wrestling tournaments in the country.

FargoDome - Rumble On The Red

Onto the Photography portion of it. I was shooting for the Fargo Moorhead Convention & Visitors Burearu (FM CVB). I shoot a lot of the FM CVB throughout the year. Capturing events that go on in the area so the images can be used for the Visitor guide as well as other publications around the nation.

This was my first time shooting a wrestling event. I will be honest in saying I didn’t quite know how fun it would be to photograph. I was pleasantly surprised when we got to the event. Brian Matson (FM CVB Director of Marketing) and I climbed to the highest seats in the FargoDome to get some venue shots. Lots of people around every mat and in the seats cheering on their wrestlers. That is a good sign for a photographer. The best thing you can have during an event to photograph is Emotion. Plenty of that at a wrestling tournament of this size.

Onto the photos!


Lots of great action shots during a wrestling match. It is an intense match and the flexibility of the wrestlers is unmatched. What is great about photographing wrestling is that there is a lot of fast movement however it is built up. So as the photographer I have time to get ready for the shot that is coming up… or the one I am hoping is coming up.



Coaching the wrestler


Something I personally always look for at any type of event is the happenings around the main event. At this particular wrestling tournament I found that the coach’s interaction with the wrestler during the match was exactly what I wanted to shoot. That is my tip for shooting an event like this. Look for the things happening on the side lines. You don’t always have to photograph the main subject. Look around and take in the environment no matter what it is you are photographing.



Lesson learned… I should have not went into this thinking it might not be fun. As an artist I of all people should know that you have to look for the importance in everything even if it isn’t important to you. Also… wrestling is an amazing sport to shoot and truly amazing to watch the athleticism of these wrestlers!




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