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In the Studio

During the week I am the photographer for Vanity (www.evanity.com). This position is all studio photography. I will spend most of the day either shooting product or editing the product that will go online. We also get models to come in for particular sets and clothing shots during the month.

Studio photography is quite a large topic to cover in one post. So as for tips you might not get too much from this… but… it will give a glimpse into the life of a corporate photographer.

So Vanity/eVanity is a women’s apparel company that has hundreds of stores around the country. eVanity is the “online” branch. Every single product that is sold has to be photographed and then edited… then its put onto the website. Quite a lot of work goes into a single top. Tops are usually placed onto a mannequin but before the happens they are steamed to get rid of any wrinkle or crease. There are two shots… front and back. Not done! There is also a “tag” shot which is a shot of the inside of the shirt to show the tag. This shot is then cut and placed into the Front shot using photoshop to give it the “Ghost Mannequin” look.

We have various types of models such as a “bottoms” model who is primarily brought in for shoots concerning bottoms only. We also have a model that is used for promotion or in most cases for “Shop By Outfit” (SBO┬áLink) Currently I have the honor to photograph Audra Mari (@audramari12) for our SBO shoots. Here are some of the examples below of Audra.

Copyright Vanity - Do Not Remove photo for any reason.

Copyright Vanity - Do Not Remove photo for any reason.

All of the shots taken for Vanity are edited to have a completely white background to match the website.

Behind the scene shot of the last SBO using 3 lights. One to light the seamless white paper backdrop and then 2 to light the model. Light setup on this is fairly easy because most of the shots are all to light the product as the main subject. I tend to go for more of the natural lighting instead of using things like hair lights etc for this type of shoot.

So there you have it. Of course if you have any questions about it please let me know. Later on in the life of the blog I will dive into the specs and more lighting techniques.

Along with these types of shots I do shoot for internal magazines and anything else that may need photographed.