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Besides my Nikon DSLRs… my goto camera is my iPhone 4s!

Increasingly the use of the camera on a cell phone is becoming common practice. The cameras are getting better and with higher megapixels (MP) you can leave the point and shoot camera at home. One of the biggest reasons of course is that you can instantly share your photo on social networking sites and friends with your phone. Convenience is the best because lets be honest… is there anyone out there that doesn’t always have their phone on them. I am never further than 2 ft from my phone I feel.

Why the iPhone 4s… the internals of the camera on the iPhone 4s are far superior to any other phone on the market. Its not all about megapixels even though this has 8mb. I loved my iPhone 4 pictures better than most new phones except the 4s. Even with that higher megapixel it doesn’t mean your picture turns out better… the sensor on these little cameras is tiny and thats a lot of information (megapixel) in a little area. DSLRs are great for image quality because they have a bigger sensor to allow for more breathing room for MP.

Anyways… lets look at some examples I am have done and I will tell you what was used to get the shot!

iPhone 4s / Camera+ / Adobe LightRoom

Probably one of my more popular iPhone photos… I shot this while photographing a wedding on a boat in San Diego, CA. Saw the sailboat and knew it was heading towards the bridge so I waited for it all to line up so I could have the sky, bridge, and boat in the frame. San Diego sunsets are amazing. They change colors in seconds. The editing in this photo was to darken it a bit since it was into the sun and darkening it brought the colors out more and left more silhouettes in the photo. Worked out great! Remember that just because its a camera phone or a point and shoot doesn’t mean that you can’t spend the time to set a shot up and compose it correctly. They aren’t used just for snapshots.

With that being said… They are used for snapshots because they are always with you! If I didn’t have my iPhone with me I would miss a lot of shots! Especially of things that just happen out of nowhere when I am not carrying my Professional gear on me.

I tend to use my iPhone to capture shots to show a different perspective… This shot is of my Nikon facing the Blue Angels while I was photographing the Fargo Airsho.

Camera phones have come a long ways since they first were implemented into phones. The Apps that are available give the user endless capabilities from doing an Auto fix to changing curves and creating HDR (High Dynamic Range) shots. My favorite apps if you are wondering…

Camera+ is my goto camera app! Its fast to open up which is key with a camera phone. It also has some fun presets. However I don’t’ always like presets on a camera phone for a particular picture so I use apps like PhotoGene2 and Snapseed. If you want to have fun with photos and layouts there are great apps like Grid Lens and Wordfoto. Check them out!

Photo Apps

The best thing that I have for my iPhone 4s is something I just got as a Christmas gift from @hixbo (go follow him, quite clever tweets). He got me the OlloClip (http://olloclip.com/) which is a lens system for the iPhone. It gives me a Fisheye Lens, Wide Angle, and an insane macro lens.

I am sure I will post more iPhone related stuff later but this is a good start. My flickr feed will primarily be iPhone photos so take a look as I will try to keep that updated! I do also want to do a model shoot primarily with an iPhone… for fun :) I’ll post when I get the time to do it.

For all of you camera phone users out there… Get creative with those phones… they are literally some of the smallest cameras you can find.. Video or still! Also as a photographer I have used the iPhone for photography at times.. but not as a camera. The couple in this photo was lit with 3 iPhones instead of shooting with a flash.

Couple illuminated using 3 iPhone flash light apps







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