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Fargo Force – #jabs


#JABS sticker on my Nikon Body

Most know about the Minnesota high school hockey player Jack Jablonski (#Jabs)who was checked from behind and is now in an ongoing battle against his paralysis. I will share links below for updates on Jack Jablonski.

I wanted to talk about not so much photography this time but something that just needs to be talked about more and more. Its something that I, the team photographer for the Fargo Force in the USHL, have noticed over my last few years of shooting the game. Hockey is just one big family! Yes there are sports out there where people follow their team or player but there is something to be said about a hockey player or their parents or even their fans! News spread quick about Jack Jablonski’s injury! Before you knew it, #jabs(Twitter hashtag) was a trending topic on Twitter.com! “You don’t have to know someone to pray for them” was the phrase being heard all over! Everyone really got to see how big and how close the hockey family is all over this nation and beyond. Sauce Hockey¬†(designer hockey clothing) designed a #jabs shirt that benefited Jabs.

Onto what that has to do with the Force. Tonight… it wasn’t just the same black Force helmets they wear every game. Tonight on the back was a sticker with the red #13 and the name Jack Jablonski on it. Even my camera body sported one of them. It wasn’t just USHL teams showing support… Teams from every league were leaving messages on Jack’s caring bridge site¬†. Its truly an honor to be a part of a family this big! Thank you hockey. Good luck and battle hard #jabs!

#10 Nick Stoskopf

Team Captain Brian Cooper #2

down the bench


Good luck #jabs, we are all behind you! Your WHOLE family!