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A photographer these days can have anywhere from $500-$30k+ in their arsenal of gear! It mainly depends on what the photographer specializes in shooting. I am personally more on the higher end because I shoot everything… I haven’t really picked a genre to stick with… although I do recommend if you want into the photographer industry… pick a genre of shooting and stick with it. It will save you money in gear! I’ll dive into gear maybe in a later post. What I am getting at is there is no amount of gear a person can have that will make up for the most important piece a photographer should never forget… confidence!

Some may say that I am a cocky person. I obviously say I am just a very confident person. Some may say that I will never have a big enough bag to fit my gear and my confidence in! If you know me personally you would also steer towards the very confident person but I will occasionally throw out the comment to throw it into “Cocky” mode for giggles. I would say that this is one of the factors that makes me a good photographer. I am always confident I am getting the shot that is needed or wanted. Lets break down the “confident photographer” based on genre.

Event Photography: ¬†Shy photographers don’t get the shot! They sit back and wait for the shots they see happen and hope they happen closer to them next time and that may never happen. Be confident and get up there and get the shot. You have a client that wants shots that will make them remember how amazing the event was. Concerts… get up front and get performer then TURN around and get up in the crowds faces!

Portrait Photography: I see this all too much with “portrait photographers”… It turns into ¬†shyness factor again. Speak up and move the subject. Connect with them and it doesn’t have to be about posing… talk to them and make them smile or laugh… ask them things that make them think about being happy or sad or whatever emotion you are looking to capture! Control the situation to get the shot.

Alisha -Downtown Fargo

Boudoir Photography: Being confident while shooting the “bedroom” type of shot is something that not only you need to have for yourself but its also something the client needs to see so they can be comfortable. They are in a very vulnerable situation and need to see a person who knows what they are doing behind that camera. (Examples might be a bit much for our younger viewers)

Corporate/Commercial Photography: Be confident so you don’t look like a fool in front of CEO of companies. Do not just be confident about what you are doing but be confident in a way that impresses the corporation you are shooting for… know their business… do some research before the shoot.

Last but not least… Sports Photography: Confidence is what is going to keep you from getting hurt by an athlete or it might actually be the deciding factor that gets you hurt. Being confident in sports photography will allow you to get out there and get in the spots that you need to be. You have to be a confident person to sit in position at hockey game with no helmet on or pads and not have any glass in front of you at ice level. Confidence helps when you are ringside at a ShoTime boxing event and the 2 in the ring do not care about the photographers next to it.

I was kicked right after this shot was taken.


Confidence pays! The “Great One” Wayne Gretsky said it best, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Obviously he is probably talking about Hockey but this is relevant to everything.