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Ah the internet… clearly an amazing tool to find what you need these days. It has also become the place to market your services. If I wasn’t able to share my photos online then life as a photographer would be much more hard. Ways to take advantage of the internet to get your name out there and more importunely… your images!

The most obvious to a photographer should be their website! Not always the first choice of photographers but if you are looking to make a business out of it then you should at least look at having your own site for people to utilize. mJoy Photography can be found HERE… its hosted by what I believe to be one of the better options for photographers out there… Smugmug (check out the trial and if you sign up use my name..Mitch Highman as the referrer… shameless plug) They offer different packages but allow me to post any size of photo and allow me to sell directly from the site!

Along with the website or sometimes instead of… Blog! Offering many ways to customize and can be more cost effective then a website. As many bloggers will agree with me on this… blogs are great because they are easy to change as many times as you want. You post away and build followers. For myself I do not own a blog for mJoy Photography. I do this blog more so about photographers and my life as one. One of my favorite photographer blogs is a friend of mine… Sarah Beth Photography out of the twin cities! Click Here for her blog on Pet photography! Also note that she has created a hybrid between a blog and a website!

Third is probably one of the most used photo sharing websites as well as the chosen site for AreaVoices blogs… Flickr. Its simple enough… if you don’t know much about flickr then go directly to their site and check it out. Set up an account and start uploading… smart phones have apps that allow you to post phone photos directly to your “photo stream” I personally use flickr for only my iPhone photos. My personal flickr Photostream is Hereย and I believe it should be on the right hand side of the screen as well. Leave comments ๐Ÿ˜‰

UPDATE!!!! In response to a question about Pinterest. The question …

“Iโ€™d be interested to hear what you think of Pinterest. I know some photographers are not so happy about it for copyright reasons. Is it much different than Flickr? (I havenโ€™t used that much.)”

My response is: It is a love/hate relationship with photographers and Pinterest. Yes there are copyright issues but to be honest, that is really the photographer’s duty to correctly watermark or “protect” their images. If you “Pin” directly from a site it should at least have the website on there. Its an issue that will always be there but if you as a photographer put your photo on the internet you have to be prepared to have your photos shared… just make sure you get publicity for it ๐Ÿ˜‰ On the other side of things is that a LOT of photographers use Pinterest for ideas on what and how to shoot! Pinterest isn’t just for recipes and humorous sayings. Poses and how to photos are all over it. Pinterest can be used as a tool but yes it can touch on copyright issues too… but that is the Internet. Be proactive about it! Flickr does allow you to “license” your photos so its different in that sense. But the idea of the sites are different because flickr is all photos, Pinterest is basically a big pin board of all things you like under the sun or over it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last but certainly not least… its also not really the last on the list but the last one I am touching on. Facebook! There isn’t much on that site that you can’t share so why not make photos one of them. mJoy has a Facebook page where I will share photos but they are low resolution. That brings me to my next tip!

When sharing online if there isn’t a way to protect your image from being “stolen” then you need to think about ways to reduce the ability of the thief to use your photo. A popular way of doing this is by a “watermark”. This is usually an image that you have created that is placed over the photo so if its printed or stolen then at least your logo or name shows up on the picture. Another way is making the photo low resolution so if its printed it just will not turn out or they won’t even try to print it because of quality.

In the end utilizing all of these ways to share your work is needed for any photographer to really get visibility to all sorts of clients! Comment, Like, Follow or do whatever you have to do to show your support to your favorites out there! Believe me… We appreciate it! For you photographers out there… biggest tip… Use the keywords and tags! Those are important when people are searching for things!


Time is something I am not getting a lot of so I apologize for not posting as regularly! I will try :)






  1. Posted February 21, 2012 at 2:49 pm | #

    Hi Mitch – I’d be interested to hear what you think of Pinterest. I know some photographers are not so happy about it for copyright reasons. Is it much different than Flickr? (I haven’t used that much.)

    Great info. I know a blogger who was wondering about using watermarks on her photos. I will show her this post!

    • Posted February 21, 2012 at 3:09 pm | #

      I will update this post and throw in pinterest for you! :) give me a second! Let the blogger know they can contact me for help if they need it on watermarking.

      • Posted February 21, 2012 at 3:28 pm | #

        Thanks for the update! I’ll give her your Twitter handle. :)