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…until next season! Thank you Fargo Force

The Fargo Force were taken out of the playoffs this past weekend in Fargo by the Lincoln Stars. It was a great season of photos! This was the first year I had decided to shoot in between the player benches.

It had some amazing positives and some unfortunately negatives to shooting and just being in there without glass in front of me.

Where I shoot - Players benches

Pros – No glass to shoot through / experience first hand the interaction between players and coaches and refs

Cons – No glass to protect you from pucks, sticks, and bodies / can’t leave during the period if you have to pee

Anyways lets make this a look back on the season and share some photos. If you have questions about the photos or comments please leave them below.


Gust #23 celebrates near benches after a goal

Speaking of celebrations this is one of my favorites from the year!

Jonny Brodzinski #22 celebrates his Shootout Goal against Team USA

Goalies – Always fun to photograph! here is a couple photos!

Sioux Falls goalie Charlie Lindgren - Play for your Dream

That was one of my favorite shots of the year… and here are some shots of our Force goalies!

Too many countless photos of Zane Gothberg #29 making incredible saves… this photo captured something that isn’t seen much… Zane being a little cocky after a save…

Zane after a shootout save against Team USA

Nice to have a talented goalie to back Zane as well as chirp the opposing players bench…

Reed Peters with a pad save

What is hockey without the hits? … not as fun.

Its probably a given that the two players I will put pictures up of are Brian Cooper and Justin Wade

Brian Cooper #2 is known for delivering textbook hip checks

Justin Wade could always seem to give me the right photo near the bench

FIGHTS! there are those too 😉

Colton Hargrove

Nick Stoskopf

So… Thank you to the fans of the Fargo Force and the fans of mJoy Photography… this season was amazing!

Not all great times…

Force were defeated. Tough shot for me to take.

but mostly great!

Austin Farley celebrates in front of fans

Until next year!

2011-2012 Fargo Force





Special thanks to all of the photographers who assisted me this year…

Lindsay Kaye

Robby Njos

Mandi Teske

Jason Wright

Kaia Hassel

All photos from the Fargo Force games can be purchased on the mJoy Photography website