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…The Big Picture

It’s often the closest people to you are the subjects you overlook as your next big photoshoot. Of course I take pictures of my son Jack all the time with my iPhone. This series all started because I took a photo of Jack (1 year old) standing in front of an aquarium and him being tiny just made it look so grand! It made me think about what he must have been thinking! To see something so huge in front of you and it’s almost like as a child you still get this feeling of amazement… I lose this sometimes… thankfully I got this little man to show me “The Big Picture”!

For now this is an ongoing album on my personal page on Facebook. Soon I will start a more public gallery but for now this will be a good start for all to see.

The first picture is Jack looking off into an open corn field. He stood here for a bit and just stared at the corn moving in a very light breeze.

Jack looking into a corn field

This next photo… Jack and I took a walk. It was a dirt road that looked like it went on forever. Although he is short, so is daddy so it wasn’t tough to hold his hand and walk with him on the dirt road. I had him stop and stare and I stood back and took the photo. Soon after he laughed and screamed and threw rocks down the road.

We took a drive to look for something else. We came upon a firestation. The doors weren’t open to expose the trucks but we’ll save that for later 😉 The doors were massive and made Jack look even smaller! This was another spot he just stood there in awe!

Jack looking at the doors of a fire station

I knew we had to have a construction picture in there because it’s every kids and some adults dream to drive a big piece of machinery. We found a “safe” spot for this photo and got the shot!

Jack wanting to dig

This photo is a retake of the photo that started it all that I took with my iPhone. Jack still posing perfectly after 2 -3 hrs of shooting and getting in and out of his car seat. What a trooper.

Jack in front of the big aquarium

What do I want you to take away from this post…

No matter how small the subject is… always look at the big picture 😉





  1. Logan Adams
    Posted September 24, 2012 at 5:11 pm | #

    My daughter is only a month old now. When she can stand, I’m totally stealing/emulating these shots.

    • Posted September 24, 2012 at 11:44 pm | #

      :) Sounds good Logan! Can’t wait to see the post 😉