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“Light is Everything”

Its hard to nail down just one photographer to give credit to these words because as photographers we can all say it! Without light, there is no picture. This post I have asked some of my peers to share a photo of theirs and then write a paragraph explaining why they lit the subject like they did.

You hear it said all the time that “you have the eye for it” when talking about a good photographer. These photographers do have the eye but they also have the skill to fine tune their talents and create images that are on higher levels than most.

Quick introduction of my guests! (Links to their work will be posted at the end of this article)

Shane Mercer / I use this term loosely with Shane but compared to the others writing here… he is the new guy. He has been shooting for a bit and his willingness to learn is amazing and his work continues to get better and better and you will see by his paragraph that there is much more than just the eye.

NodakPhoto / Dan is one of my favorite photographers in the area. His lighting techniques are spot on and he really captures beauty in all of his images.

Stevie Rae Photography / Also one of my most favorite photographers. Her work differs from the others here. Her technique of lighting the subject is unmatched.


So here it is… the first installment of 1|One

Shane Mercer

“When we consider the grand magnitude of the universe, we tend to think upward, that is, how large and vast it is. But the created order is also grand in the the opposite direction. We may wonder at the massive size and number of stars and planets, but the vastly minute world of cells, atoms, and molecules is also mind-boggling. It is its own tiny infinity. While this image only scratches the surface of that world, it does point to the vast detail, structure and order of that minute-iverse. The strong backlighting of this leaf highlights the massive highway of vessels that nourish it. The hard blacks and greys against the relatively brightly-lit veins serve as a dramatic soundtrack for reflection on the grandness of the created order. I do not mean to say I was thinking of this when I took the photo. Rather, it is what I think of now as I reflect upon it.” – J. Shane Mercer



“I wanted to grab a fun, cute outdoors shot, but we were pressed for time. It was all of 44 degrees, and I wanted to capture the pond in the background. I saw this low hanging branch from the pine tree (upper right), and said that’s it! I placed her just at the edge of the shade cast from the tree as to provide a little bit of rim light on her left arm, shoulder and hair. Then using a Cheetah CL360 with mini octobox at about 1/16 power I illuminated her, and the low hanging pine tree branch to tie her into the depth of field I had created. This was shot at 1/125, f2.8, ISO200 with a Canon 5d MKII, Canon 70-200 f2.8L ver 2, and Cheetah CL360 (placed slightly camera left at about eye level).” -Dan


Stevie Rae Photography

“It was quite the adventure. We were fairies in a magical garden filled with enchanted peaches. She twirled and laughed and took my breath away because the magic was real. It’s her. The connections created and the friendships forged are high on my list of favorite things about my job. Number one is exploring with the little ones. They are filled with such wonder and imagination. I am at my least technical when I photograph children. I do not pose them. I do not use any type of flash. I find reflectors to be incredibly distracting. I focus every ounce of my attention on creating an experience for the child. They have this amazing ability to find immense happiness in the smallest of things. If you let them, they will show you the magic this world holds and the incredible meaning of a single moment.” -Stevie


mJoy Photography

This bride and groom did not want the traditional wedding image. Took them to an abandoned warehouse where the only natural light is from this door from the front that is playing a very small part in this image. I knew I wanted to make this image passionate and make it look as though they are completely alone in this location. These two were amazing and pulled it off. The backlighting/rim lighting technique where I put a speed light behind them provided me with the light I wanted. I wanted to create a shadow in the front to make the image more secretive but let that light peek around just a bit so the viewer can barely see and feel the passion that is being portrayed in this image. -Mitch


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